03 юли 2007

Прогресив рок поезия от 1974

King Crimson: Red 1974

Sundown dazzling day
Gold through my eyes
But my eyes turned within
Only see
Starless and Bible black

Ice blue silver sky
Fades into grey
To a grey hope that oh years to be
Starless and Bible black

Old friend charity
Cruel twisted smile
And the smile signals emptiness
For me
Starless and Bible black

Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom 1974

. . . . . .
I fight with the handle of my little brown broom
I pull out the wires of the telephone
I hurt in the head and
I hurt in the acting bone
I smash up the telly with remains of the broken phone
I fighting for the crust of the little brown loaf
I want it I want it I want it give it to me
(I give it you back when I finish the lunch tea)

I lie in the road try to trip up the passing cars
Yes me and the hedgehog
We bursting the tyres all day
As we roll down the highway towards the setting sun
I reflect on the life of the Highwayman yum yum
Now I smash up the telly and what's left of
The broken phone

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